Are all your ingredients organic?

We use organic ingredients as often as possible.  All organic ingredients are indicated on the label.

I bought my first protein online.  How can I get the refill discount?

You can get your refill discount by refilling at any of our partners or by coming to any of the lobby events that we do throughout the city! Bring your old container and enjoy the discount!

Are any of your proteins vegan?

We offer a protein that can fit every diet and lifestyle.  Our current vegan options are our Chocolate Organic Plant Protein Blend and our Organic Pea Protein.

Do you ship outside of Chicago?

No, we currently only ship to Chicago.  Here are the zip codes that we deliver to: 60618, 60625, 60640, 60613, 60657, 60647, 60614, 60622, 60661, 60610, 60654, 60611, 60601, 60602, 60603. 60604, 60607, 60612, 60661, 60622. Contact us if you are in the Chicagoland area and your zip code is not listed. We do provide special delivery options.

My Protein doesn’t have the nutrition facts on it.  Where can I find this information?

We wanted to use as little packaging as possible.  You can find all the nutrition information on our Nutrition Facts page.

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